1. What were you having difficulty with and how has our work together help change things for you?

I was struggling with stress and anxiety which would lead to depression. Often triggered by being in a situation where I felt exposed and not good enough. James helped uncover an unconscious belief I had about being unlovable which was causing me to dip down.


2. What specifically have you noticed as benefits in your life as a result of us working together? How are things different to how they were before?

I feel more able to take on challenges now. I find it easier to start things instead of procrastinating. I really experience the benefit of just trying something rather than worrying about how I might fail.


3. What did you specifically like about the approach we took to the work we did?

James is patient and doesn’t assume. Throughout our work together, he checked to make sure he understood correctly and that I was comfortable. Through previous experience I know I can difficult to work with. And this never seemed to be a problem for James, even when I became frustrated.


4. What concerns did you have before deciding to work with me, and how do you see that differently now?

Trust. I often have an issue with trust. But James left me feeling safe and comfortable.


5. Why are you satisfied about us working together and the results you’ve experienced?

James helped me to make the change I wanted but wasn’t sure was possible. Even when I was fighting it, James stayed with me and got me to where I needed to go. I don’t always make that an easy process, and yet I never felt like this was a problem for James.


6. How would you summarise your experience of us working together as a whole?

Easy and comfortable.


7. Would you recommend working with me to others, and if so, what would be the main reasons?

I would definitely recommend James to others. He is calm, collected, thorough, and knowledgeable. And above all, humble. Which I think is very important for people like me who get their back up easily by being told what to do.


David, Project Manager, Age 33 – Stress, Anxiety, Depression