Remove Perfectionism, Anxiety, Burnout & Related Issues Piece by Piece

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  By James Cormack

By Stopping the Underlying Causes While Keeping Your Edge.

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Hi I’m James, and for years I viewed my perfectionism as a strength. Eventually I discovered it was one of my biggest unconscious battles, underlying many mental health, personal & professional struggles.

I was experiencing anxiety, burnout, chronic unfulfillment, various mental & physical health issues, and perplexing creative blockages (not getting things done despite my best efforts).

I identified as a perfectionist and high achiever. Looking back now, I feel I was also an over-thinker; goodist; and addicted to work, achievement, intensity, personal development and a ‘destination addict’.

In hindsight I was so highly driven, absorbed in thought and future-orientated that I seldom enjoyed reality – my actual experience of life, i.e. the present moment. I was inhibited from feeling touched by life, and connection with other people, but I couldn’t tell. I also didn’t realise I was watching my dreams go by in my head, because unconsciously, my perfectionism was throttling my productivity and creativity.

Remove Perfectionism and Improve Your Well-Being - While Enabling More Success Than Ever

It took me years to discover my perfectionism was no longer helping me, and was actually a major underlying cause of my difficulties.

But once I did, I began a process of evolving out of perfectionism and into a new way of being. 

These days I am far more successful and efficient than before, and I get more done with less effort. I tend to automatically find a pretty good balance between achieving quality in what I do, while not needing to go overboard towards perfection.

Meanwhile, I feel far happier, freer, and more touched by life itself and other people. I’m able to enjoy a more authentic and more present way of being, with an appreciation for both the peace and intensity of being human. I’m more in touch with my true self, mentally and emotionally. I feel more fulfilled, content, balanced and open. My mental and emotional health is on a different planet compared to before.

It’s the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in my adult life.

My Number One Piece of Advice for a Person Suffering With Perfectionism

Here’s my number one  piece of advice for a person suffering with perfectionism:

The solution to perfectionism is not to compromise on our best life, by holding back from achievement.

The solution is to resolve the underlying causes of our perfectionism, and related issues like anxiety or burnout. This enables us to create our best life in a new way which is aligned with our health and well-being. It can even enable more success and achievement than ever before.

What Next?

If you’re a perfectionist experiencing overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, unfulfillment & related issues, I’d like to show you what I didn’t realise for far too long. 

The next step is to get my free Remove Your Anxiety or Burnout Piece by Piece Programme. In that programme you’ll learn how anxiety, burnout and related problems like overwhelm or feeling unfulfilled work – and how you can remove them piece by piece, by finding and stopping the underlying causes. 

As you find and stop those underlying causes of anxiety and burnout, you will also find and stop underlying causes of perfectionism, too. As you do that, it allows perfectionism to become less and less damaging, evolving into a more and more healthy way of being. Crucially, you can still pursue growth and achievement – but in a way which is aligned with your health and well-being.

I hope this article has helped you find the way forward!

PS – If you’re a driven and ambitious professional with anxiety or burnout, you should also check out this free guide.

Best wishes,
James Cormack

James Cormack | Therapist & Coach

I help people remove their anxiety, burnout and related problems piece by piece – for unprecedented professional and personal growth, and true happiness, freedom and success.