Remove Anxiety or Burnout Piece by Piece

for True Happiness, Freedom & Success

Stop the Underlying Causes While Keeping Your Edge.

A How-To Guide for Driven and Ambitious Professionals

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  By James Cormack

Hi I’m James, and 10 years ago my anxiety & burnout escalated until I was scared it would ruin my career in the City, my relationships and my health.

I’ve always enjoyed being driven and ambitious, both professionally and personally – wanting to live my best life as the best version of myself. But I feared I was being forced to compromise on my dreams and aspirations, and that I was losing my freedom to live life the way I wanted.

I experienced pangs and spirals of stress, tension, brain fog, overwhelm, fear and catastrophizing thoughts; sudden fatigue, dissociation, emotional numbness, social anxiety or insecurity; health anxiety; panic or anxiety attacks; sleep problems; and physical anxiety symptoms like chronic pains and aches, heart palpitations, breathlessness and more.

Sometimes I had feelings of emptiness or unfulfillment, sadness, anger, insecurity or low self worth.

The Biggest Trap For Driven & Ambitious Professionals With Anxiety or Burnout

Then I fell into the biggest trap driven & ambitious professionals fall into:

I thought the main cause of my anxiety or burnout was my stressful career and lifestyle.

It seems to make sense – driven people push themselves hard in work and life, so that tends to be the most obvious source of stress.

I tried treating that apparent cause by resting, taking time off, delegating more, learning to say no, changing jobs, doing rejuvenating hobbies, exercising more, and even took a big hiatus to travel…

But none of it stopped my anxiety and burnout from coming back and worsening – and I had no idea why!

I now know the reason: Our career and lifestyle may be very stressful and demanding but they are never the actual root cause of our anxiety and burnout! That’s why nothing I’d tried had worked.

Aim: Remove Anxiety & Burnout Piece By Piece Until It’s No Longer A Problem - While Keeping A Driven And Ambitious Lifestyle

My aim was to remove my anxiety & burnout piece by piece, until it was no longer a problem for me – so that I could live my best life as my best self, uninhibited by anxiety and burnout; and enjoy the true happiness, freedom and success that could bring.

Along with that I wanted to keep a driven and ambitious lifestyle, and enjoy ongoing growth and success – because that’s part of my personality.

But no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find anyone who could help me do that. All I found were ways to ‘cope’ or ‘get by’, ‘manage’ my symptoms or try avoiding triggers entirely; ‘work-life balance’ coaching, which was just more symptom management; or at best partial, incomplete attempts to resolve deeper underlying causes which didn’t actually stop my anxiety or burnout worsening.

I was still living a life of compromise, holding back from my full potential, being trapped by anxiety and burnout.

1 Problem Must Be Solved To Achieve That Aim

I now know there was 1 problem preventing me achieving my aim of removing my anxiety & burnout piece by piece, while keeping a driven, ambitious lifestyle:

I didn’t know precisely what was causing my anxiety or burnout!

Because I didn’t know what the exact causes were, I didn’t know exactly how to treat and resolve those causes. Therefore I had no way of achieving the outcome I wanted!

To achieve my aim I needed to solve that problem. I needed to find out precisely what was causing my anxiety and burnout – and then find out how to resolve those causes.

The True Causes Of Anxiety & Burnout Are Very Elusive

But unfortunately the true causes of anxiety and burnout are elusive and little understood.

My symptoms often seemed to happen for no reason. Sometimes I would feel hope as I thought I’d found a cause – I’d resolve it, only to be disappointed when my anxiety and burnout came back.

I sought professional help, but after every treatment or therapy I tried, and with every piece of knowledge I learned, my anxiety and burnout remained, came back and continued to worsen.

Each time my anxiety or burnout came back, it proved to me that I hadn’t yet found and resolved all the underlying causes. I was stuck and didn’t know where to turn…

Finally A Breakthrough!

A few years later, a friend and therapist I highly respected said he’d found a new understanding about the true causes of anxiety and burnout – which enabled him to remove his own anxiety, burnout and related problems piece by piece, like he’d never experienced before.

I knew he had lots of experience in mental health, so I took his recommendation. It unlocked a whole new perspective.

I discovered that by far the biggest causes of anxiety and burnout are actually internal. They are not external (like people, places, things or our stressful career or lifestyle) – instead they are internal, underlying causes originating within our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and subsequent nervous system symptoms or behaviours.

I went on to learn that each cause works in a specific, consistent and recognisable way, and these same, familiar causes (with names like “emotional disunity”, “wrapping” or “feedback loops”) come up again and again in different people who have been experiencing anxiety or burnout.

(You can learn all about these causes and how to resolve them in the free “remove your anxiety or burnout piece by piece” programme.)

Unprecedented Personal Growth & Professional Success

Once I understood the actual causes of anxiety and burnout, I could finally focus like a laser on resolving them. As I did that, my anxiety and burnout stopped happening piece by piece!

I was achieving my aim! It was a journey of incredible insights and healing, and I kept going until I no longer felt anxiety or burnout were problems in my life.

But the benefits went even deeper…

Resolving the causes of anxiety or burnout helped me both feel more fulfilled by the life I already had – and actualise my dreams, ambitions and full potential even more successfully than ever before.

This is because our drive to grow and succeed is part of our personality: as we resolve the causes of anxiety and burnout, we unblock the fullest expression of our personality, including our drive and ambition!

As I also discovered, resolving the internal causes of anxiety & burnout leads to deep improvements in our mental and emotional inner world. This can yield benefits like reduced procrastination, deeper connection with other people, heightened confidence, feeling happier and more alive, and more.


Here are 4 key takeaways:

  1. To remove your anxiety & burnout piece by piece until it’s no longer a problem, while keeping your driven ambitious lifestyle, you must identify and resolve the true causes of anxiety and burnout.
  2. The true causes are not external (like our demanding career and lifestyle) – they’re internal: thoughts, feelings, emotions and subsequent nervous system symptoms or behaviours.
  3. These causes can be systematically resolved, to remove anxiety and burnout piece by piece.
  4. This brings other massive improvements to our quality of life, growth and therefore success.

I no longer consider anxiety or burnout to be mental health problems in my life, and I’m thankful to have turned those problems into unprecedented growth and success.

What Next?

If you’d like to learn more, check out my free “remove your anxiety or burnout piece by piece” programme. In it you’ll
  • Uncover the true hidden causes of anxiety & burnout and how to resolve them, to remove your anxiety or burnout piece by piece – while keeping your drive and ambition! For true happiness, freedom and success.
  • Find out why almost nobody understands those causes – leaving them trapped in anxiety and burnout for years
  • Escape the frustration of not knowing why your anxiety or burnout is happening; or thinking it’s stopped only for it to come back
  • Find out why rest alone isn’t enough to stop burnout, and what you need to do instead
  • Discover how the most important causes of anxiety or burnout hide in ‘stealth mode’, outside of our awareness – and how to reveal and resolve them
  • Discover why the solutions are within you, and that you are the one person with the power to remove your anxiety & burnout piece by piece for true happiness, freedom and success.

I hope this article has helped you find the way forward to removing your anxiety and burnout piece by piece, for true happiness, freedom and success.

Best wishes,
James Cormack

James Cormack | Therapist & Coach

I help people remove their anxiety, burnout and related problems piece by piece – for unprecedented professional and personal growth, and true happiness, freedom and success.