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Escape the cycle of anxiety & burnout. Don't just treat symptoms

Stop the Underlying Causes

Anxiety & burnout have various underlying causes originating within our own mind and body. Each cause is some form of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and subsequent nervous system symptoms or behaviours.

They are not our fault: These causes develop for reasons outside of our control, and are hard to identify.

They are not random – each cause works in a specific, systematic way. They can be precisely and methodically treated in order to resolve each cause.

By resolving these causes we can remove our anxiety or burnout piece by piece, and unlock new levels of happiness, freedom & success in our life.

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As we stop those causes we

Unlock True Happiness, Freedom & Success

Resolving the causes of anxiety & burnout leads to deep improvements in our mental and emotional inner world. 

Find out exactly how this produces other benefits like these – helping you create your ideal self, career and life.

Greater Happiness, Fulfilment & Well-being

Deeper and Richer Connection with Other People

Overcome Procrastination, Self Sabotage and Inner Blocks

Experience Life with More Vibrancy and Aliveness

Greater Resilience and Confidence For The Future

Improved Confidence Regarding Your Health

Improved Decision Making

Sense of Finding & Being Your True Self

Resolving the causes of anxiety or burnout helps us to both feel more fulfilled by the life we already have – and to pursue and achieve our dreams, ambitions & full potential even more successfully than ever before.

This is because our drive to grow and succeed is part of our personality. As we resolve the causes of anxiety and burnout, we unblock and enable the fullest expression of our personality, including our drive and ambition.

Instead of avoiding triggers or clinging on with coping strategies, resolving the causes leads to greater resilience, enabling us to step into actualising ourselves like never before.

Stay true to your best self & life

Keep Your Edge and Your Drive to Succeed

Break through past limits

Progress Further Than Ever

If previous treatments or therapies helped you at first but then hit a ceiling, don’t be discouraged. This only means some of the causes of your anxiety or burnout have not yet been fully resolved. 

Find out what you can do differently going forward to resolve those remaining causes, and progress further than ever.

By James Cormack, Therapist & Clearing Method Specialist

Meet James

After anxiety and burnout threatened to ruin my career & enjoyment of life, I began searching for the most effective ways to resolve mental health problems and achieve transformational growth – for myself and later, for my own therapy clients too.

I was already a practising therapist when I became a therapy client of Shauna Quigley’s Clearing Method. It blew me away: I achieved greater healing & growth than ever before. I became a Clearing Method practitioner, and my experiences of this therapeutic approach came to inform the creation of this online programme.

I know how limiting, painful and scary anxiety and burnout can be, so my aim is to help you remove them piece by piece, as efficiently and effectively as possible – for lasting relief, and true happiness, freedom and success.

In This Programme You Will

Receive free audio episodes, companion articles, info sheets and more delivered straight to your inbox and:

  • Uncover the true hidden causes of anxiety & burnout, and how to resolve them
  • Find out why almost nobody understands those causes – leaving them going in circles for years
  • Discover why the solutions are within you, and that you are the one person with the power to remove your anxiety & burnout piece by piece
  • Escape the frustration of not knowing why your anxiety or burnout is happening; or thinking it’s stopped only for it to come back
  • Find out why rest alone isn’t enough to stop burnout, and what you need to do instead
  • Discover how the most important causes of anxiety or burnout hide in ‘stealth mode’, outside of our awareness – and how to reveal and resolve them
  • Form a solid plan to remove your anxiety or burnout piece by piece, for true happiness, freedom and success.

Get started immediately with the audio episodes, plus a free set of techniques & tools you can use to calm your anxiety or burnout symptoms right away – so that you can progress to resolving the rest of the causes of your anxiety or burnout.